Customers Are On The Go

Written by: Brenton Pierce

Customers are on the go, there is no doubt about that now-a-days.  Their lives are a constant hustle and bustle and they want information.  They don't just want information, they want it now. They want it at the touch of a button, through the sound of their voice, and they will find what they are looking for.  The question is, will they find your business in their search for products, or will they find competitors who have stepped up to the digital space that is "Mobile

Measureing ROI

Written by: Brenton Pierce

So you have built a website, but the question is it working?  I have been asked this question many, many times by clients.  They want to know if the juice is worth the squeeze.  I don’t blame them, in fact if your spending $5,000+ dollars on a solution, I’d want to know that it’s working too.  We help you figure this out.

There are many tools that are out there that help us learn about the people that are using your website.  A great free tool is Google Analytics.  This is something that we include on

Keeping Data Safe

Written by: Brenton Pierce

So a topic came up the other day about encrypting credit card data when storing it in a database. Turns out the client I was helping was sending unencrypted credit-card numbers through email.

Seriously, why not just put them on your Facebook wall!

So I immediately enlisted to help build out the encryption process, so they would be able to securely store these numbers. They needed to capture the numbers coming from a public facing website and then be able to retrieve them

5 things not to do on your website

Written by: Brenton Pierce

Don'tMake everything an image
Many websites, even today have used images, lots of images in the worst way possible.  These images are used in headers, footers, navigation oh my!  They were used everywhere, and inside of these images there is text.  Text that looks ok to someone who visibly looks at it, but when google or people searching for your content visit your site, they don't see the words embedded, only pictures.

Create only a flash website
Flash is cool in it's own respect, but not for your website.  Websites are viewed everywhere, phones

3 Content Management Options

Written by: Brenton Pierce

Content management systems are highly effective in making you in control.  Your business should be in control, and should be able to make changes easily without having to call a developer everytime you need something changed.

So what are some of the options you have in the Content Management World?

Custom CMS
In my opinion, this is by far the best option you can implement. This option is the best because it gives you everything you need and nothing you don't. The custom solution is tailored to your exact needs, and is made to work for your

Trapped by Content

Written by: Brenton Pierce

Feeling trapped is one of the most frustrating events. To feel like you have no control over the outcome is not always a pleasant thing. Many times B2B website owners feel this way.

Business owners feel as though there is nothing they can do to make their website better. Or maybe they know they want to do something but not sure what to do to make the most impact.

It always helps to have a clear direction when trying to figure out where you want to go, and in this case you want your content to drive business,

Gotta Have Goals

Written by: Brenton Pierce

Everyone knows that goals are important. Goals are imperative to moving forward, they are a neccesary factor in getting from point A to B in any situation. Your website is no different.

There are many tools out there that help you track your goals, and one of them is Google Analytics, a free tool put out by Google. This tool allows you to track what is happening on your website. You can also use this tool to keep track of and track your website goals.  With every site we create we include Google Analytics code as

User Experience Is Worth the Investment

Written by: Brenton Pierce

So you have built a website, and it is now getting traffic, but you want to improve that traffic. Maybe it's an increase in conversions that you are looking for. Perhaps a better click through rate on banner ads. There are many ways to increase these types of actions, overall making the user experience more enjoyable.

Creating a overall better user experience can be challenging. Where do you start in creating a better user experience?

  • Identify areas in need of improving. One awesome way to do that is through a great tool to gather feedback in

My Wordpress Site Was Hacked

Written by: Brenton Pierce

I came across an interesting problem this week. I was adding a PayPal solution for a customer and viewed the source of the page to verify a chunk of code was in place, and that's when I saw a ton of Viagra, Cialis, and all sorts of other pharmaceutical links.

I quickly grabbed a chunk of code from the links and did a search on the sites codebase. Nothing, not one page had any reference to the code.

So I then went to the database and searched through there. Again, not a lick of code with references


created my architectural website. They were able to take my ideas and bring them to life.

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